Fit Guide

Some of our bras are traditionally sized, i.e with a cup and band size, whereas others can be worn according to your clothing size.

Our sizes fit slightly large to be extra comfy, so if you are looking for a snugger fit we suggest you take a size down.

How to measure your bra

To measure your bra size, wear a lightly lined bra (preferably not one that’s padded or push up) to get the most accurate measurement. Take a soft measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror for best results. 

Step 1: Find your band size using your under bust measurement

Using the measuring tape, measure around your ribcage just beneath your bust. Make sure that the tape is snugly pulled, leveled and straight around your back. 

If you get a measurement that is odd, add 5 inches to it to get your band size and, if it is even, add 4 inches to it to get your band size. For example if you measure 31 under your bust you should be comfortable in a 36 bra. You can refer to the table below to find the band size which corresponds to your ribcage measurement. 

Step 2: Find your cup size using your band size and your over bust measurement.

Use the same tape to measure around the fullest part of your bust. The tape should be leveled and not too tight. The difference between your band size and your bust size denotes your cup size.

Each inch differential denotes one cup size so 1” is an A cup, 2” is a B cup, 3” is a C cup, 4” is a D cup and so on. In the size chart below you can easily correspond your band size and bust measurement to find  your cup size. 

For example if you are a 36 band size and you have a 39 overbust measurement your bra size will be a 36 C.

Under bust
27–28" 29–30" 31–32" 33–34" 35–36"
Band size 32 34 36 38 40

Band size  Cup size
32 34 36 38 40
Over bust 
33 35 A
34 36 38 40 42 B
35 37 39 41 43 C
36 38 40 42 44 D
37 39 41 43 45 E

Reference these for bras that can be worn according to clothing size
 Clothing Size
Bra Size Will Be
2-4 Small
6-8 Medium
10-12 Large
14-16 X-Large
18 XX-Large

US Size 32 34 36 38 40
A S S / M M L XL
B S S / M M / L L / XL XL / XXL
C S / M M / L L XL
D S / M M / L L XL XL / XXL