Meadow x The Breasties

    We’ve partnered with The Breasties till the end of November to help raise funds for their Dedicated Stage 4 Research Grant.

    The Breasties is the first all-inclusive nonprofit organization that creates community for survivors, previvors, stage 4 thrivers, and caregivers impacted by breast and gynecologic cancers. 

    Now you can donate towards this grant while you shop for Meadow bras.

    Psst…we’re also donating 10% of all the sales of our Moonrise Bra to The Breasties.

    So whether you've had a unilateral mastectomy bilateral mastectomy, lumpectomy, DIEP TRAM or other reconstruction, we've made bras to help you recover in no time!

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    We only work with production partners who follow high standards for environmental responsibility and labour conditions. Our current production partner is WRAP certified, which means that they are dedicated to ethical and responsible business standards and treat their workers with dignity and respect.

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