Michelle Kang - Oncology Manager, Content Creator, Breast Cancer Survivor

Michelle Kang - Oncology Manager, Content Creator, Breast Cancer Survivor

Michelle Kang in the Moonrise Bra

At the age of 27, my life took an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with Stage 1B ER+ PR+ HER2- breast cancer with no family history. I was living my best life in the heart of New York City, growing in my career and embracing the opportunities that came my way. Prior to my diagnosis, I had been making strides as a rising profession in the business side of oncology, playing a pivotal role in building a cancer center from the ground up and subsequently managing its operations as soon as it opened. 

Little did I know that a life-altering journey awaited me just around the corner. It was during a trip to South Korea with my boyfriend when we both discovered a lump in my right breast, an ominous sign that foreshadowed the challenges to come. This moment marked the beginning of my battle against breast cancer, one that would ultimately shape the person I am today. 

Model wearing front zippered post surgery bra

Transitioning from an oncology manager to an oncology patient, my breast cancer journey launched into full force. I froze my eggs, had a bilateral mastectomy, underwent 14 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, and had port placement and port removal surgeries. I also underwent rigorous physical therapy for 1 year and opted to get breast implants via plastic surgery. To safeguard against potential recurrence, I then embarked on a 10-year hormone therapy journey. 

I lost count of the number of times I’ve been pricked, sliced, scanned, medicated, and infused. I lost my hair. I lost my breasts. I lost precious time in my twenties. I lost my old self. Despite this, there is one thing that cancer never stood a chance to take from me — my power. 

The losses can be immeasurable, but within our cancer and survivorship journeys, there are moments where we can reclaim our power and do things on our own terms. It’s the little things like opting to shave your head before starting chemotherapy, becoming a fierce advocate for your own health, and wearing bras that make you feel confident in your own skin despite the challenges that breast cancer may present. 

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The bras from Meadow have become an integral part in my journey, offering not only physical support but also a source of emotional strength. The thoughtfully designed bras that embody the perfect combination of fashion and function have allowed me to embrace my new body and feel comfortable in my own skin. 

As I move forward on this journey of healing and self-acceptance, the bras from Meadow serve as reminders of my past, catalysts for my present, and beacons guiding me towards a future filled with empowerment. With each wear, they remind me to never lose sight of the incredible strength that resides within me, and most importantly, to always reclaim my power.

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