Eshaana - Model, Writer, Actor & Cancer Survivor

Eshaana - Model, Writer, Actor & Cancer Survivor


We had a really great week last week as we collaborated with beautiful Eshaana Sheth who is a model, writer, actress, award winning filmmaker and breast cancer survivor. Here’s what she had to say:

Model wearing sporty clothes, Hero bra and holding a ball.

"To say I’m self conscious about my cancered body is an understatement. My breasts are smaller than before, numb, missing some skin & tissue, irradiated, scarred, bruised and so much more. One is higher than the other: thank you, radiation. My hair and skin and nails in and out of long term medical menopause are changing faster than I can process on top of the significant changes from chemo, surgeries, and radiation. Survivorship really sucks. Sometimes, just feeling comfortable in clothes is all we can ask for as patients. It’s our armor, a source of confidence, a treat. Bras should be fun and functional - not a burden.

Here I am wearing the Hero Front Closure Sports Bra. It’s super comfortable and does not leave an imprint on my tissue-less boobs the way other bras do at the end of the day while alleviating some of the pain from in my chest from all the tightening and contracture. It makes me me feel sporty and cool, like I could strike a soccer ball like Haaland and spike a volleyball like Misty May. I wore it to reformer pilates yesterday and my plank series looked cooler. Go get it and be cool! It’s great for post mastectomies and lumpectomies and expanders but also work for any breasts!"
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